Sinar Jaya Prima, Pipa Tembaga, Plumbing & Accessories AC

Sinar Jaya Prima, General Trading Plumbing & Air Conditioning Accessories. Pipa Polypropylene For Cold & Hot Water, Rust & Corrosion Free, Free Maintenance Cost, No Glue – Joints By Fusion, High Pressure Tolerances & Rating, Non Toxic, Hygienic, Safe For Drinking Water.

Pipa Tembaga ASTM B 280 : Seamless Copper ACR Tube, ASTM B88 : Seamless Copper Water Tube, Medical Gas, Pipe Fitting. Produk lainnya : Aeroflex Hot & Cold Insulation, Crane Enfield Copper Tubes, Copper Fitting (Elbow, Sock, Reducer, Tee, Tee Reducer), Aerotape, Pipa Set Putih, Freon R22, Kawat Las Perak.

Sinar Jaya Prima, Pipa Tembaga, Plumbing & Accessories AC
Alamat: Komplek Ruko Pengampon Square, Jl. Semut Baru Blok E-17, Surabaya 60161
Nomor Telepon: (031) 354-1658 (Hunting) ; 357-3631
Fax: (031) 354-1620.

Daftar Kategori Industrial Supply

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