PT Bibit Baru in Brastagi produces high-quality horticulture seeds and vegetables seeds as well as agri-support equipment to increase the quality of agricultural products. In 1983, PT Selektani was established in Medan, North Sumatra to address the demand of agriculture market. The main business of PT Selektani is:
• To produce horticulture seeds for foreign customers.
• To provide vegetables seeds and fertilizers for domestic market.
• To export the local production of vegetable crops to ASEAN market.

PT Selectani Holticulture SURABAYA OFFICE:
Alamat: Jl. Raya Darmo Permai Timur No 36
Surabaya 60189 Jawa Timur/East Java
PO BOX 1388 SB 60013
Nomor Telepon: 62-31-7329201 Fax: 62-31-7329202