PT Saeti Beton Pracetak supplies Prestressed and precast concrete product for PC Square Pile, PC Corrugated Sheet Pile, PC Flat Sheet Pile, PC Girder (I, U, Y)PC Voided Slab, PC Mini Pile, PC Retaining Wall, PC Diaphragm Wall and Precast Contractor service.

PC for Corrugated Sheet Piles (CCSP) for soil retaining Structure. Prestressed Concrete Corrugated Sheet Piles (CCSP) can be used for port structure, river revetment, sewerage, earth retaining walls and many other uses and were developed as a substitute for steel sheet piles, because of their corrugated crosss section, CCSP have better capabilities and are cheaper than conventional steel sheet piles. In particular, corrugated sheet piles perform at their best when being driven in, they can be placed with greater accuracy. Mny users are already using CCSP and their excellent.

The advantage of Concrete Corrugated Sheet Piles (CCSP):
High strength and high quality. high performance and economics. Large CCSP cand be manufactured. Complete free from rust and corrosion, make them useable even in marine structure. Can be made watertight and excellent workability. High driving accuracy and small displacement at the head of sheet piles.

Manufacturer of prestressed precast concrete products in Surabaya Indonesia.
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