PT Oriental Abadi Indonesia, Factory Automation System and Robotics. With Product and service offers:
Oriental Motor, Standard AC Motor, induction and reversible motors for power applications, DC brushless motors with speed-control ability, AC speed control motors and motors with various braking mechanisms: Constant Speed Motors, Speed Control Motors and Motors with Braking Function.

Vexta Brushless DC Motor, Excellent speed control and ease of use can be achieved with Brushless DC motor units. It boosts the features of being compact yet powerful, has a wide speed control range, flat-torque characteristics and saves energy.

Vexta Stepping Motor, Stepping motors are capable of highly precise and reliable operation without the use of position detectors.

Limo Linear and Rotary Actuator, preassembled with various mechanisms to achieve linear motion while maintaining high accuracy and repeatability.

RoHS, EU Directive for Electrical and Electronic Equipment offers international input voltages our products conform to international safety standard certifications.

THK LM SYSTEM, Factory Automation System and Robotics in Surabaya.
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