PT Grand Kartech specializes in the technical service & maintenance as well as fabrication of pressure vessel, manufacturing of steam as well as hot water boiler, autoclave and heat exchanger. GRAND KARTECH are The BOILER Company for Steam Boiler, Hot Water Boiler, Coal Fired Boiler, Thermal Oil Heater, Waste Heat Boiler, Power Plant Boiler, Coal Gassification, Deaerator Vessel, Customized Pressure Vessel, Heat Recovery Steam Generator, Boiler Service (DOCTORBOILER), Fuel: Solid Fuel (Coal, Wood Waste, Cane Waste, Palm Kemel WWaste), Heavy Oil (Residu), Light Oil (Residu) and Gas (Natural Gas LPG).

Beyond these value-added services our products range also consist of Heat Exchanger products include Plate Heat Exchanger and Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger. Grand Kartech’s Pressure Vessel which can be custom-made as per customers’ requirement. Several types of Boilers such as Solid Fuel, Non-Solid Fuel, Teha ThermOil and Heat Recovery Steam Generator, Services and repair works to ensure optimal boiler efficiency. Repairing/reconditioning, and up grating valve with highest standard quality. Singled and doubled wall of Autoclave are available for various industries.

PT GRAND KARTECH, Boiler, Autoclave and Heat Exchanger Manufacturer.
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