DoctorBoiler, The Boiler Service Solution for Fuel Conversation from light oil to gas (LPG, LNG, CNG), or dual fuel, Fire Tube Boiler Service, Water Tube Boiler Service, Troubleshooting & Inspection, Contract Service, Boiler Rental, Piping and Training in Surabaya.

DoctorBoiler supports after sales service in area of steam generator, heat exchanger, piping including mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and engineering services. As a subsidiary element of Grand Kartech, DoctorBoiler has objectives to Increase production efficiency to coordinate production rate changes, to provide consistent operation from shift to shift and to stabilize the process. Increase boiler efficiency by increasing thermal efficiency and to reduce pollution. Grand Kartech’s Products: boiler, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, and services.

DoctorBoiler The Boiler Service Solution Surabaya.
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